“Well done everyone! A lovely concert. I did miss playing with the cellos, but I enjoyed being able to watch you all from the audience. What a privilege to hear Jack Greed and David Greed playing together again too.” Keely Hodgson

“Wonderful concert. Better than the Proms!! You have a great group of players and David Greed seems to be a very convivial conductor. I think you could go far as an ensemble, but being selfish, I hope we can keep you here to provide us with such enjoyable concerts. Young Greed is a star in the making.” Dennis

“Congratulations Clare!   What a concert! I enjoyed every minute. A lovely programme and some excellent playing.   Well done!” Elizabeth Goddard

“Thank you for the wonderful concert yesterday afternoon. The way Clare introduced the pieces brought them to life for me and my little companion. We look forward to attending many more.” Ruth Jones